8-character alphanumeric LCD display visible in daylight and in the night
lighted touchless keyboard with high immunity to environment conditions and and dirt
built-in residents list, dedicated function keys
fingerprint scanner. Recognition algorithm is FVC classified as the world no. 1
installation by flat 6-wire telephone cable (no coaxials required)
distributed cross connection
phones with keyboard, identical for all lines (no programming required)
possibility to connect many buildings into a common network
intercommunication between all phones in the system !!
call redirection
communication with a consierge
communication between any external unit and any phone
operation in multi-entrance buildings
unlocking entrance door or car gate by general or personal code
unlocking entrance door or car gate by radio remote controller
user can program at any time his own, personal entrance code
remote opening (by phone) car entrance gate
system’s full immunity to short-circuit of any speech line
programming of all system parameters
communication with an external PC
registering of all events (eg. entrance codes usage) on external PC
anti-theft protection of external unit by security code
assigning any max 4-digit number to each phone
excellent speech quality (stable in time and independent of system size)
periodical system autotest

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     To be applied in housing estates of any configuration, eg. closed and watched areas, enables internal communication
between any telephone or external module to any other telephone inside the system.
Phones to the DSX system
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